Grand Chase Event: Ley’s 4th Job Pre-Release

New Job: Ley’s 4th Job Pre-Release

07/30/2013 – 08/13/2013


1. Celebrating Ley’s 4th Job

-Ley’s minions displayed in the park:

  • Haunt
  • Bastion
  • Jeeves

2. Forging Ley’s Cash Missions


-Use [Dark Matriarch’s Elemental Orb Fragment 1] to create Ley’s Cash Missions
-How to collect [Dark Matriarch’s Elemental Orb Fragment 1]

  • Log in everyday to receive one [Dark Matriarch’s Elemental Orb Fragment 1] per day
  • Play in dungeons of appropriate level (doesn’t matter which character you use)

# of [Dark Matriarch’s Elemental Orb Fragment 1] needed for each mission:

  • You need 30 for [Cash] Ley Mission
  • You need 50 for [Cash] Harbinger Mission
  • You need 70 for [Cash] Evoker Mission
  • You need 90 for [Cash] Dark Matriarch Mission*

*You will be able to use [Cash] Dark Matriarch Mission after Dark Matriarch’s official release on 8/13 update
-All unused [Dark Matriarch’s Elemental Orb Fragment 1] will be deleted after the event.

3. Dark Matriarch Coordi Packages

-Dark Matriarch’s coordi packages will be on sale for limited time.


  • Harbinger Coordi Package


  • BloodLady Coordi Package


  • Evoker Promotion Coordi Package


  • Emerald Princess Coordi Package

4. Jeeves Mini Doll on sale


-Jeeves Mini Doll box will be on sale for limited time
-the doll is a lower armor ornament and is a coordi item.


25 thoughts on “Grand Chase Event: Ley’s 4th Job Pre-Release

  1. Well. I am seriously pissed. I’ve been waiting for zero’s 4th for god knows how long and you guys bring out this crap. I’m Unbelievably disappointed at NAGC.

    • Oh this is bullshit. There is NO FUCKING WAY Ley should get her 4th before Zero. . Im really getting sick of this. First you release full jobs like rufus, Then Rin got all her shit in like a month. Then you start adding second jobs to event characters?! And now this. GIVE ME MY FUCKING ADVANCER.

      • Stop being a needy little brat. I’m sick of all you little “Where’s my Zero 4th!?” whiners. This just reminds me of when I was little and I would whine about wanting something to my mom.. which, by the way, would guarantee that I never got it BECAUSE I was complaining and whining. Try a little virtue called “patience” once in a while. There are other characters to play around with while you wait…. or maybe actually trying a thing called “having a life outside of a video game” would be much better for you people.

      • Raging won’t get you anyway. You have waited for him for more than a year, you can wait for him again if you are a zero lover and it’s pretty normal for NAGC to update like this.

    • You actually shouldn’t blame NAGC, but instead the developers. All Gamerage actually does is host, submit ideas, and help bring money in to the developers, KOG, so if you’re upset about the latest patch don’t blame NAGC, blame KOG. Then again who would really blame the developers for making a game.

  2. You guys are so ignorant. They bring out what KGC tell them to bring out you idiots. Hope Zero’s 4th never comes hes annoying enough

    • You sir, are also ignorant. KGC don’t tell NAGC what to do. It’s KoG let NAGC permission to update what NAGC want. You dislike zero, that is your opinion, not our. You can say that to yourself, to your friend but don’t say that in public. Because there are a lot of other people have different opinion.

  3. Come on guys,why the hell are you so mad
    Zero will come some day too
    P.S. hope they release edel before him^_^

  4. u have to be kidding me,we wait so long and u give us ley, who really wants that :p that;s like picking a fly over a dragon. im starting to have zero tolerance for this >.> wait for it. zero fans if u dont get this, oh my gosh -.-

  5. agree:)
    ley-sexy insane pvp spammer
    zero-just a freak
    Dont get me wrong.I dont hate him……………but I dont like him eighter

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