Grand Chase Update: VP (VIP Point) System

Update : VP (VIP Point) System


1. What is VP

-VP is a new virtual currency that can be used to buy in-game cash items.
-VP and cash do not stack.  You cannot combine them to purchase an item.
-VP can be used just like cash and it has no expiration date.  However, VP coupons may have expiration dates so use them as soon as possible to collect VP.

2. How to collect VP

If you have a VP Coupon use it from your inventory by clicking [OK] button.
VP Coupons will be available in the future as event rewards.

3. New Purchase Process

1) Once you decide to purchase a cash item you will need to select the method of payment (Cash/VP)
2) The payment process will be same if you decide to make a purchase with cash
3) If you decide to use VP then [Pay with VP] window will appear

Event : VP System Release Special

05/21 – 06/04 until maintenance
– Check your mailbox on your first login during the event period :

1000 VP Coupon

1000 VP Coupon

*All unused VP coupons will be deleted after the event

Update : Removal of Web Gacha


1. Web Gacha system will be removed from the game.
2. Gacha Coin is no longer available for purchase
3. Your Gacha Point will be converted to VP (1 Gacha Point= 1000VP)

Items being removed from the shop:

  • Gacha Coin
  • 5 Gacha Coins
  • 10+1 Gacha Coins
  • 20+3 Gacha Coins

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